• Overview

    Dinner Dash is an awesome way to do a scavenger hunt while helping those who are less fortunate. Part 1: Group is broken up into teams to race around the city, convention center, or hotel with clues on where to collect your meal tickets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Part 2: Accomplish to-do's, trivia and tasks along the way to complete the hunt! Part 3: First team back with all tasks completed wins!

    Think. Feel. DO.

    Every team that completes Dinner Dash will turn in their meal tickets in exchange for food to build a 3 meal basket for local families in need. The goal is to give back by feeding multiple families for a day!

    Extra Details

    • This event is one of our most rewarding community givebacks
    • 3 hour experience from start to finish
    • Can be done in any market
    • Any age group or demographic
    • Great for groups of 30 to 5000

    Whats included?

    • Full experience management
    • Coordination & Execution of all event logistics
    • Selection and delivery of charitable partners
    • Staffing
    • Purchase, delivery & donation of all meals
    • A rewarding giveback experience for all your attendees
    • Photo and Video coverage (*for groups of 100+)